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IguanaGrip Anti-Slip Safety Solution

Anti-Slip Solution

The First Anti-Slip Safety Solutions Provider in India

As Slips and Falls on wet, dry or greasy surfaces are major problem for residences, industries, institutions and commercial establishments with proven track record in India since 2010. The Company offers a safe and effective treatment service for dangerous floors in wet conditions. As Slip and Fall related injuries represent a high percentage of work and home accidents often ending with serious long-term disabilities and insurance difficulties. After using IguanaGrip® it is not only safe but, we also guarantee your floor will pass the slippery test required by the Building Safety Department Services.

The Building Safety and Health Department Services require a certificate as proof that your floor is safe. In this case, business owners and managers have a required standard Static Coefficient of Friction (SCOF) 0.6 in order to prevent slip & fall accidents. We test floors with Tester Model #ASM 825 in order to make sure your floor is safe! Our non-slip floor test and floor anti slip treatment will help prevent slip and fall accidents.

IguanaGrip® anti Slip Protection, rated the best on slip prevention when wet or dry conditions and will improve slip resistance of dangerous slippery floors on tiles at home or at work. We offer complete service with a warranty up to 2 years.

IguanaGrip® uses two different Anti Slip-Non Slip products to make slippery floors:

  1. IguanaGrip® Ultra : is effective on Ceramic, Granite, Porcelain and Vitrified tiles and can be used indoors and outdoors
  2. IguanaGrip® Supra :is effective on Marble, Mosaic, Kota, Kadpa and can be used indoors and outdoors.
  3. Call us to make an appointment for the floor test, so you can see how this product works. Non-slip, anti-slip floor and tile treatment dramatically increases the grip of your slippery floors surface. This non-abrasive technique improves the slip resistance and makes your dangerous slippery floors safer! The floor will be cleaner and lighter in appearance and safe to walk on.

    The Anti-Slip Floor Treatment International Company prevents and minimizes risks of slip and fall accidents! Slip resistant products!

    Static Coefficient of Friction (SCOF) 0.6 is Required For Safe Ambulation, We Shall Help Achieve This SCOF With Durability.