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IguanaGrip Anti-Slip Safety Solution


Commercial Applications:

National Safety Council states that Slip, trip, and fall injuries are the second leading cause of work related deaths and account for 10 % of all nonfatal workplace injuries. there are 9 million disabling due to slip and fall injuries every year, that's 25,000 each day.

This accounts for 95 million lost workdays per year. The expense amounts to about 4.6 million dollars per hour every day of the year. Human suffering, time lost, escalating Workmen's Compensation and liability insurance. Henceforth application of IguanaGrip anti-slip will reduce slip and fall injuries, Lost of key personnel, risks of potential law suits and insuring your business to be safe for your guests and personnel.

Applied By Trained Staff:

Anti Slip properties can be achieved in slippery surfaces. The permanent system creates an invisible tread on floors that significantly increases the co-efficient of friction by 0.6 to 0.7 COF and reduces the problem of dangerous surfaces in wet conditions. Once treated with IguanaGrip® areas will have an effective slip resistance in commercial setups upto 3 years; areas subjected to regular traffic will usually require re-treatment every 1 year.  It’s effective, clean biodegradable and friendly with the environment, as well as anti bacterial.

ADA and OSHA Recommends that floors should meet a minimum SCOF of 0.53+ in dry floors condition whereas in Wet Floor the traction levels or friction levels are:

  1. High-Traction (0.6+)
  2. Moderate Traction (0.4 - 0.6)
  3. Low Traction (<0.4)

Anti slip floor treatment can be used in:

We ensure that you are provided with world-class service, we have set up a special one point customer care centre with specially trained service personnel to handle the Application

  1. For Industrial (Machine floors, Workshops, Walking passages, Common areas, Wash rooms, Lobbies, Water stagnent areas etc)
  2. For Corporate Offices ( Canteen Kitchen, Stairs, Wash rooms, Lobbies, Front areas etc)
  3. For Hospitals (Walk ways,BAth rooms, Wash rooms, Labs, Balconies, Common Area etc)
  4. For Hotels (Shower cubicals, Bath tubs, Bath rooms, Swimming pools, Kitchens, Washing area etc)

  1. For Military & Govt . Offices ( Stairs, Washo rooms, Balconies, External Stairs etc)
  2. For Restaurants (Kitchen And Wash rooms etc)
  3. For Shopping Malls (Wash rooms and all slippery areas)
  4. For Swimming pools (Shower areas, Around swimming pool, Inside children swimming pool)
  5. For Recreation Clubs (Kitchens areas, Swimming pools, Varandas, Common passage, Walkways, Wash rooms, Open & External stairs etc)
  6. For Old aged homes & Orphanages (All Slippery areas & Shower and Bathrooms is must)
  7. Sacred Places (External stairs, Balconies, Wet and slippery areas during rains etc)

Applicability:IguanaGrip - Anti-Slip Effective On:

IguanaGrip - Anti-Slip has several products to suit each particular floor surface such as porcelain tiles, porcelain bathtubs , glazed ceramics, ceramics, vitrified Tiles, granite, marble, terrazzo, mosaic, polished concrete, kota stones, kadpa stones and all other polished natural stones etc.