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Where Strips can be used for Enhanced Traction?

Want to increase traction of surface by strips? Check our collection of various types of anti slip products. IguanaGrip is a leading name for production of various types of anti slip options. Strips can be both adhesive and non adhesive and it comes in various dimensions. Nowadays designer strips are also available to use at various corners of the house.

Strips are often used at the edges of stairs in house. These strips or tapes are quite easy to install and there will be no necessity of any professional expert. In western countries, where houses are made of timber, these tapes give extra advantage to houses by making its look better, anti slip, weather proofing etc. This product is available in numerous dimensions so it fit all types of products.

7 different places where anti slip strips can be used:

  • At the entrance of building.
  • Ramps: where elevation changes
  • Stairs: if you slip then it can bring in very daunting result
  • Loading Docks: shipment movement area is required to be taped properly because prone area for accident.
  • Kitchen/Food Service Area: wherever there is wet there will be more chance of slip.

IguanaGrip has expertise in various types of anti floor treatment. You can contact our team to understand further about various products and services, we offer for anti slip.