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IguanaGrip is known for various types of industrial flooring systems. Industrial operations need high resilient, tough, slip free surface and we have expertise in making such floorings. With over 12 years work experience, we have come up with right set of solution to meet requirements of various types of industries.

Different industry needs different type of flooring and we have come up with solution for:

  • Chemical resistance flooring
  • Anti slip flooring
  • Abrasion resistance flooring
  • Heavy load resistance
  • And many more.

To make industrial floor anti slip, is quite important. A single slip can bring in huge loss. In case of industrial floors, anti slip tapes, strips, mats etc wouldn’t work. There will be only one option of liquid based treatment that will improve traction on the floor. Often accidents take place during loading and unloading because of slippery surface.

Once you enquire with us, our team visits to enquire requirements of flooring. We have already worked for numerous prominent names. Once flooring done with our experts, we ensure floor becomes capable to host industrial activities. Our coating will turn floor joint free, no crack, no dirt and other features.

To know more about industrial flooring services, you can contact team of IguanaGrip and we will be more than happy to assist you in process.