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Tapes for Anti Skid

IguanaGrip offers various types of anti slip products and tape is also in the list. If you want to tape any slip prone part of the floor to make it risk free then ask experts of IguanaGrip. We are really keen to hear from you.

What are features of anti slip tape?

  • Mineral coated tape to maintain high traction on surface
  • Tape is made of quality PVC material.
  • Tape can be applied without any expert and it lasts really long.
  • It can be used at multiple places namely stairs, bathroom, bathtub, kitchen, toilet, swimming pool etc.
  • Climate resistant

What are different types of anti slip tape?

Tapes are classified mainly on the basis of dimension. Check surface where you have to apply and as per surface you can select dimension of tape. 1 inch * 60 feet, 2 inch * 60 feet, 4 inch * 60 feet etc are easily available so width of tape is important.

What will be impact off climate on tape?

Anti slip tape will be intact in all weather. Thermal expansion is a common phenomenon for various types of material. In case of this tape, it will be intact in summer as well as winter.

How to remove anti slip tape?

It has been seen that after a year or more tape may get discolored or distorted. In this case, people often try to remove old tapes and come up with new ones. To remove tape, you will have to follow steps as written below:

  • Plug in heat gun. Set temperature at 150 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Apply heat at edges of tape at least for 30 seconds.
  • Try to slide any fine metallic rectangular structure under tape.
  • Pull tape slowly and wherever needed apply heat so that it can be removed properly.
  • Apply adhesive remover.

Are you tired of slipping and sliding on slick surfaces? Look no further than anti-skid tapes! These aggressive tapes provide a permanent solution to prevent slips and falls. With clear, plain options available, they blend seamlessly into any surface while providing the necessary traction to keep you safe. Don't let pressure or standard steps be a hindrance to your safety - invest in anti-skid tape today.For more information about anti slip tapes, you can ask our experts and we will be really glad to help you.

How much does anti slip treatment costs?

Cost depends on total area of treatment and type of surface you have. Experts of Iguana Grip will help you further about cost and other aspects.

Are anti slip products like mat, tape, paint etc available at Bangalore?

Along with these products, numerous other anti slip solutions also available with us.

What is anti slip paint?

Best way to achieve non-slip paint is to apply any aerosol spray which comes with paint and synthetic grit mixed. One can spray on surface and it will leave a coating with high coefficient of friction.

How Anti Slip Paint Coating Works?

Slip based accidents are quite common globally. There are numerous solutions to deal with this problem. Anti slip coating has been one of the popular options that is used for home based as well as commercial usages. Most of anti slip paints are based on epoxy resin system.

How to place anti slip tape on stairs?

First find out a good quality tape. Clean stairs with help of proper detergent and rub it. Put it across half inch before edge of stair. Try not to touch adhesive while fixing on stairs.