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Aluminium Oxide Paint

Paint is a popular option to deal with slippery surfaces. IguanGrip has numerous products that work for anti slip. Slip based accidents are quite common on wet surfaces. Here we will give details about paint that we offer for anti slip treatment on various types of floor.

Texture of floor changes after application of anti slip paint. Aluminum oxide is used because its aggregation makes floor less slippery. Even dispersion of this aggregate is the main reason behind success of this paint.

Where these paints can be used?

Different surfaces behave different for paint. Companies often manufacture paint with little difference in composition so that it can work for all types of floors as written below:

  • Industrial floor like factories, workshops etc.
  • Commercial floors namely shops, schools, restaurants etc.
  • Waterside areas such as marinas, quaysides etc.
  • Areas where people roam barefoot such as gymnasiums, swimming pools, showers etc.
  • Floors for wheelchair access to ramp, play ground, climbing walls.
  • Various vehicles, pickup buses, boats, canal boats etc.
  • Farm, animal shed, parking areas etc.

We elaborated some aspects of anti slip paint. To know more about various anti slip products, you can contact our teams of experts. We have different types of paints for different floors. From metallic to wooden, our paints work for all types of floor.