IguanaGrip - Anti Slip Safety Solution

Frequently asked questions

What causes slippery floors?

Causes: High humidity, spillage, floor mopping, improperly cleaning and wax coated floors.

Solution: Wet floors causes slipperyness. The property that makes a floor slip-resistant in the presence of a lubricating contaminant such as water is its surface irregularity. The irregularities (like mountain peaks under a microscope) must be tall enough and sharp enough to extend upward through the lubricating film and engage the shoe bottom in a manner not unlike sandpaper. New floors, that seemed slip-resistant, quickly become slippery when wet as the irregularities become worn down and less jagged.

What causes 'slip and fall' accidents?

It is usually a localized spot that is slipperier than the rest of the floor that causes the unsuspecting and unprepared pedestrian to slip and fall. In normal walking, the maximum traction demand is in the "pushing off" phase when the toe of the backward foot is in contact with the floor. If the pedestrian's toe starts to slip backward, usually it does not present a fall hazard, but that occurrence tips off the human computer to the fact that there is a slippery surface under foot so the pedestrian applies a muscular bias against the slipping tendency and shortens up the stride so that the serious heel slide does not occur. People can walk safely on surfaces that are slipperier than ice, if they know of the hazard. In fact, some surfaces (such as dance floors and bowling alley approaches) are waxed to make them slippery, and nobody falls down from walking over them. But if an unexpected slippery spot occurs on a floor with an overall coefficient of friction of 0.5, a classic heel slip could be expected to occur. IguanaGrip Treatment makes the surface less slippery when wet than dry so the presence of a lubricant does not create an "unexpected slippery spot".

Does cleaning a tile surface make it slip resistant?

Proper cleaning will reduce polymerization (mixture of grease, oil and dirt that becomes a wax like substance coating the surface) making the surface less slippery but it will not increase the co-efficient of friction (grip on dry surface) or the slip resistance (grip on a wet surface) as IguanaGrip Treatment does.

What is IguanaGrip?

A process that creates microscopic texture on the surface and makes better traction on the surface of the tile which increases slip resistance from 50% up to 80%. This process significantly increases the co-efficient of friction by 0.5 to 0.7 and reduces the slip and fall problems on dangerous surfaces in wet conditions.

How is IguanaGrip different from other treatments?

IguanaGrip Treatment (pH 6.2) is not a corrosive, etching product that works by creating microscopic texture. It will not alter the appearance, color or texture of tile floors.

What types of surfaces can IguanaGrip be applied to?

1. IguanaGrip® Ultra : Applied for Ceramic Tiles, Granite, Porcelain Tiles and Vitrified Tile Floors.
2. IguanaGrip® Supra : Applied for Marble, mosaic, Kota, Kadpa, concrete, terrazzo and quarry etc.

What types of surfaces does IguanaGrip not work on?

IguanaGrip will not work on vinyl flooring, acrylic or silicone sealed surfaces, painted surfaces, asphalt, wood, plastic, fiberglass, waxed surfaces .

How do I know that IguanaGrip will work on a specific surface?

Do a test in a corner. If it will not adhere to the surface you will feel no difference in slip resistance and there will be no damage done.

How long does IguanaGrip last?

Generally IguanaGrip lasts 5-6 Years in residential premises and it is applied once every two years and IguanaGrip lasts 1-2 Years in commercial premises (depending on usage) it is to be applied once every year.

Will IguanaGrip change the look of the floor?

IguanaGrip will not alter the appearance, color or texture of tile floors.

Will IguanaGrip affects the durability of the floor?

IguanaGrip Treatment (pH 6.2) is not a corrosive, It will increase the durability and safety.

Is IguanaGrip safe to apply?

Yes. Safety hazard analysis shows IguanaGrip Treatment to be a safe, self application program has to follow the application protocol: Download our MSDS for more details

Is IguanaGrip safe for the environment?

Yes. The pH of IguanaGrip is 6.2 Approx based on type of floor being used (which are neutralizes itself immediately when dry) and becomes neutral (when mixed with water).

Is IguanaGrip difficult to apply? Do I need special equipment?

IguanaGrip Treatment is an easy self application program applied with sponge or air spray for large areas.

How long does the application take?

It takes less than 15-30minutes to apply IguanaGrip for bathroom with good ventilation, it takes approximately one –two hour for 500-1000 square feet after washing the floors.

How long before you can walk on the treated area?

Treated areas may be used immediately after the application

How do you maintain a IguanaGrip treated floor?

Normal cleaning products and procedures may be used on IguanaGrip treated surfaces. If during the warranty period the floor seems to feel slippery use a degreaser to remove any polymerization (a mixture of dirt, food particles and grease which creates a waxy film) which has built up and covered the surface like wax.

Will the grout be affected?

IguanaGrip is not corrosive and will not harm the grout.

Can IguanaGrip be applied on a waxed or sealed surface?

No. The floor must be stripped or dewaxed before application.

Can the floor be waxed or sealed after IguanaGrip has been applied?

No. In order for IguanaGrip to be effective your foot must come in direct contact with the surface and these products will block that action.

By how much does IguanaGrip increase the surface friction?

Typically a wet treated surface has about the same slip resistance as the floor when dry. See Product ASM825A for floor testing.

Who uses IguanaGrip?

IguanaGrip is used by everyone in residential, corporates and industries throughout World. Insurance and Risk Management Companies throughout India often recommend us directly to clients. We cannot publish the logos and names of our corporate clients due to contractual agreements which prohibit this type of advertisement. We will be glad to provide references appropriate to your type of operation upon request. major restaurant and hotel chains may also find us on their Corporate Intranet Site.

What about dark colored, dark patterned or high sheen tiles and surfaces?

Do a test on one or two tiles in a corner. Apply IguanaGrip on the surface of 10 minutes. Rinse with water and test for wet slip resistance (push your feet on tile using force to push down and forward). Dry and check the appearance. If you want more slip resistance, repeat by one minute increases until you have the balance of grip and appearance that you want. Add all the time together for your final treatment time.

Where can IguanaGrip be used?

IguanaGrip can be used in:

Residences: bathrooms, bathtubs, stairs, washing areas, kitchen, just outside entrance door, shower area swimming pools, external stairs etc.,
industrial :machine floors, workshops, walking passages, common areas, wash rooms, lobbies, water stagnant areas etc)
Corporate offices: canteen kitchen, stairs, wash rooms, lobbies, front areas etc.,
Hospitals : walk ways, bath rooms, wash rooms, labs, balconies, common areas etc
Hotels: shower cubicles, bath tubs, bath rooms, swimming pools, kitchens, washing areas etc.,
Military & govt. Offices: stairs, wash rooms, balconies, external stairs etc.,
Restaurants: kitchens and wash rooms etc.,
Shopping malls: wash rooms and all slippery areas
Swimming pools: shower areas, around swimming pool, inside children swimming pool
Recreation clubs: kitchens areas, swimming pools, verandas, common passages, walkways, wash rooms, open & external stairs etc.,
Old aged homes & orphanages: all slippery areas & shower and bathrooms is must
Sacred places: external stairs, balconies, wet and slippery areas during rains etc.,